Mobile Food Vans – Why Not Add Them to Your Wedding?

Food is undoubtedly the biggest and most important investment when it comes to weddings. There have been a number of food trends in weddings but a relatively new trend that breaks the traditional catering trends is the food trucks. While this option has for a long time been a popular lunch time and late night food option, slowly but surely, it is gaining popularity in wedding festivities. This is because this is a cool, casual, memorable and budget friendly way to feed guests at a wedding. Even as you consider hiring mobile food vans Sydney firms offer for your wedding, here are things that you should keep in mind.


Consider the season

Hiring mobile food vans Sydney firms offer for your wedding will mean people standing in line outside. Hence, you have to be considerate on your timing. This is because when it’s summer and the sun is harsh, queuing will be too uncomfortable for guests; even worse is when there is no shade nearby. Mobile food vans are great for spring and fall weddings as then the weather is a bit milder. If you want a mobile van catering and your wedding falls in summer, then ensure that the wedding venue has lots of shade or the van is packed close to shade like trees.

Figure out seating

The Sydney mobile food vans often limit you to two dining options. You can set up formal tables for guests where guests could grab their food and enjoy their meals seating down, or have the utensils and the napkins at a central location that will let guests to stand and mingle with one another as they go about eating. The latter creates a casual vibe and is a greater option for a more informal wedding or rehearsal dinner and cocktail. Sydney Food Vans


The mobile food vans Sydney firms offer on hire come in an array of styles ranging from colorful retro inspired rigs to industrial looking mobile trucks. As you choose your vans, make sure you find mobile food vans in Sydney that will complement your theme, d├ęcor as well as the ambience of the wedding. Do your research well by asking around and even asking for the rental information of a food truck when you see one on the street you like.


There is nothing as refreshing as a midnight snack like the food truck bites such as waffles. This is especially after all the dancing and mingling. Your food truck can be wheeled into the wedding venue at the end of the night making a fun surprise for your guests. Even indoor wedding venues can still utilize this cool catering option.

There is so much you can achieve with mobile food vans Sydney firms provide as your wedding catering option. You can serve guests food truck bites to ice creams and all. Additionally, you can rent beer trucks to shake up the cocktail hour and add style to your wedding. Step away from the norm, the same boring traditional catering options and try out the cool trendy options like mobile van catering.

Post Author: Collen Gray

Collen Gray